Friday, August 21, 2009

Zachary's First Day of Kindergarten

At our request, Zachary is in a straight kindergarten class this year instead of a multi-age class. We had orientation yesterday and then he had his first full day of kindergarten today and he did great! He didn't want to wake up this morning and get dressed but once he did, he was ready to go. He ate a good breakfast, got his backpack and then we left. Next week he and Grace will ride the bus to and from school but these first couple of days, I wanted to take them so that I could walk them in, make sure they knew where to go and of course, take pictures!

Zach walked right into his class, went straight to his cubby without being told and hung up his backpack and then found his seat. I gave him a kiss and told him bye and to have a good day and he just glanced up at me, gave me a little wave and said "bye".

When they got home from school, he said that he had a good day but Grace said he had been crying before they got on the bus but he said he wasn't. I found out later this evening that he did cry twice today. He said to me "Mom, last year I was in pre-k and I cried on the first day of school and today I cried on the first day of school but I won't anymore". Evidently, he was nervous that I wouldn't be waiting for him when he got off the bus and he was scared that he would get on the wrong bus. I talked to him about how I would always be here for him and how the teachers would always make sure that he got to where he was supposed to be and he was okay.

Just a little apprehensive maybe about the first day of school

Zachary and his teacher, Mrs. Kate Quiroz

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