Sunday, August 23, 2009

Pascal the Peacock, Gerome the Gnome and his Twin

Meet Pascal the Peacock, Gerome the Gnome and Gerome's twin. In good fun, Gia and I "took" these from three of our friends' houses and brought them over to Gia's house last night. We took pictures of them and posted them on facebook for their owners to see. It was hysterical and Gia and I laughed for hours at the fun we were having with them. Gerome had a broken hand when we took him and I think he ended up without feet before the night was over. They spent a couple of nights at Gia's house and she returned them all safely to their owners on Monday. And we even got chocolate chip cookies as a thank you for taking good care of Pascal. Thanks Jessica!

Gia and Jill with Gerome the Gnome and his Twin

Oh, this is a nice porch and we love this new furniture of Gia's!

Gia and Pascal

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Giaellis2 said...

ROFLOL! FUN TIMES! Next we should TP people! LOL