Sunday, August 16, 2009

New Beginnings

Part of Dave's job as the XO of H&HS will be flying the C-12. The C-12F Huron provides logistics support between Navy air stations. Powered by two PT-6A-42 turboprop engines, the C-12F can deliver a total payload of up to 4,215 pounds. The cabin can readily accommodate cargo, passengers or both. It is also equipped to accept litter patients in medical evacuation missions.

Dave left today for Dothan, AL where he will begin his flight training. He will be gone for three weeks and will finish up the training here at the air station. We took him to the airport where he met two of his co-workers who flew in on a C-12 and were going to fly him to AL. Dave asked the pilot, Capt Garner, if he could show us the plane and she said "sure!" so Dave took us and showed us the plane that he will be learning to fly. The kids were so excited and loved it! Thanks Capt Garner! We stayed until they took off waving goodbye as they lifted and flew out of site. Hurry home Dave!

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