Monday, August 24, 2009

Nervous About Riding the Bus

For some reason, Zachary has had a tough time with riding the bus this year. Last year, he rode it from Paradise Point Child Care Center to Johnson Primary School and then from Johnson Primary School home. He still has the same bus driver, Ms. Tate, but he is nervous this year.

Mom and I went to Barnes and Noble today and I bought several books about going to kindergarten and riding the bus. We are going to read those and hopefully, after a few more days, he will become an ole' pro at riding the bus again.

Here it comes!

Stopping at our bus stop

Owen Richwine comes off smiling and here comes Zachary!

There's a smile!

1 comment:

Name: The Bryant Family said...

Don't forget the library! :-)
And the book - The Bus for Us is a fun one (not much about riding though)