Friday, August 7, 2009

Evening at the Beach

We went to the beach this evening when Dave got home from work and met Grace and Zach's friends, Maddison and Forrest, and their parents there. The kids love playing in the sand, building sand castles and jumping over the waves. And I enjoy just sitting there and relaxing! It was a fun and stress free evening until we got ready to go and we couldn't find the keys. We searched through all of our sand pails and bags and Dave searched in the sand where we had been sitting. I decided to take our stuff to the car and look there one more time and as soon as I walked up, I saw the keys. Evidently Dave had dropped them when he was putting on sunscreen and a very nice person picked them up and put them underneath our windshield wiper. So, thank you, whoever you are!

Maddison, Dave, Grace, Zachary, Forrest and Forrest

Everyone got tired of building today so our castle didn't get very elaborate but this is the finished product!

Dave being Godzilla and showing Zachary how to stomp on the castle

Grace and Maddison


Ellis Family said...

FUN TIMES! Makes me miss you guys! I bet the Hoovers get sick of people saying "Run Forrest Run" lol About as much as I hate "ch ch ch chia!" lol

canscrap4u2 said...

we didnt spend near enough time at Onslow beach...