Monday, August 31, 2009

Roses are Red......

Dave sent me the most beautiful two dozen red roses today just because he loves me. What a smile they brought to my face when I saw them!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Last Night with Nana and Paw

Tonight was our last night with Nana and Paw (Mom and Dad). They are leaving tomorrow around noon so they said Zachary could pick where we could eat dinner tonight and Grace could pick tomorrow for lunch. Well, of course, Zachary picked Cracker Barrel. They were actually pretty busy and we had to wait so we sat out front and rocked in the rocking chairs until they called our name. It was Zachary's idea to take pictures and I agreed since I knew that Dave was wanting to see more pictures of us.

After dinner, Paw bought them a small toy from the store. Zachary got a cool motorcycle that will shoot out of a wheel and Grace got this nerd set. It is absolutely hysterical. We laughed until we cried!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ms. McBrayer's Teacakes - Yum Yum!

Paw (My Dad) came back today and he brought Zachary a huge container of Ms. McBrayer's teacakes. Ms. McBrayer is this sweet little lady where my parents live and she is one of the best cooks that I have ever met. She makes the best chicken and dressing that I have ever eaten and Zachary absolutely loves her teacakes. When Mom and Dad first got here, Zachary asked why they didn't bring him any teacakes so Daddy had her make some and brought them with him when he came back. She also sent a delicious lemon dessert which Grace loves and some yummy strawberries. I have no idea how many teacakes Zachary ate this afternoon after school. I do know that it was so many that I lost count. Grace ate some of the lemon dessert and just kept saying over and over how good it was. Then she said that Ms. McBrayer was "such a good cooker that she needs to be on the cooking channel". It was too cute and she meant every word of it!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lunch with Mom and Nana

Nana and I went and had lunch with Grace and Zachary this week. We had lunch with Grace on Monday and with Zach on Tuesday. When we got there on Monday, we were a few minutes early so Grace had not gotten down to the cafeteria yet and Zach's class was still there eating lunch. I went over and talked to Zach and as soon as he saw me, he started crying. It broke my heart! He had gotten upset earlier about the bus and he was also nervous about going through the line in the cafeteria. I talked to him and helped him eat some of his spaghetti and then it was time for him to go. He was trying his best to dry up his tears and to keep from crying which broke my heart even more!

The next day, we went and had lunch with him and I showed him how to walk through the line and get is fork and napkin and what to say to the lunch ladies. He ate a pretty good lunch that day and definitely enjoyed having both his Nana and me there with him. I'm hoping that the more he goes through the line and gets accustomed to things, the better he will do. I don't like it when my babies have a hard time!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Nervous About Riding the Bus

For some reason, Zachary has had a tough time with riding the bus this year. Last year, he rode it from Paradise Point Child Care Center to Johnson Primary School and then from Johnson Primary School home. He still has the same bus driver, Ms. Tate, but he is nervous this year.

Mom and I went to Barnes and Noble today and I bought several books about going to kindergarten and riding the bus. We are going to read those and hopefully, after a few more days, he will become an ole' pro at riding the bus again.

Here it comes!

Stopping at our bus stop

Owen Richwine comes off smiling and here comes Zachary!

There's a smile!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday "Linner" at Cracker Barrel

The Sunday special at Cracker Barrel is fried chicken so we decided to go today for "linner", a meal in the middle of the afternoon - it's not really lunch but it is not really dinner. Their fried chicken is sooooo delicious and Zach was wanting to go to Cracker Barrel again anyway so what better day to go!

Pascal the Peacock, Gerome the Gnome and his Twin

Meet Pascal the Peacock, Gerome the Gnome and Gerome's twin. In good fun, Gia and I "took" these from three of our friends' houses and brought them over to Gia's house last night. We took pictures of them and posted them on facebook for their owners to see. It was hysterical and Gia and I laughed for hours at the fun we were having with them. Gerome had a broken hand when we took him and I think he ended up without feet before the night was over. They spent a couple of nights at Gia's house and she returned them all safely to their owners on Monday. And we even got chocolate chip cookies as a thank you for taking good care of Pascal. Thanks Jessica!

Gia and Jill with Gerome the Gnome and his Twin

Oh, this is a nice porch and we love this new furniture of Gia's!

Gia and Pascal

Friday, August 21, 2009

Zachary's First Day of Kindergarten

At our request, Zachary is in a straight kindergarten class this year instead of a multi-age class. We had orientation yesterday and then he had his first full day of kindergarten today and he did great! He didn't want to wake up this morning and get dressed but once he did, he was ready to go. He ate a good breakfast, got his backpack and then we left. Next week he and Grace will ride the bus to and from school but these first couple of days, I wanted to take them so that I could walk them in, make sure they knew where to go and of course, take pictures!

Zach walked right into his class, went straight to his cubby without being told and hung up his backpack and then found his seat. I gave him a kiss and told him bye and to have a good day and he just glanced up at me, gave me a little wave and said "bye".

When they got home from school, he said that he had a good day but Grace said he had been crying before they got on the bus but he said he wasn't. I found out later this evening that he did cry twice today. He said to me "Mom, last year I was in pre-k and I cried on the first day of school and today I cried on the first day of school but I won't anymore". Evidently, he was nervous that I wouldn't be waiting for him when he got off the bus and he was scared that he would get on the wrong bus. I talked to him about how I would always be here for him and how the teachers would always make sure that he got to where he was supposed to be and he was okay.

Just a little apprehensive maybe about the first day of school

Zachary and his teacher, Mrs. Kate Quiroz

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Grace's First Day of 2nd Grade

Grace started 2nd Grade today and I think she was as ready for school to start almost as much as I was. She is on the Turtle Team again but has a different teacher this year. Her teacher is Mrs. Snyder and Grace is very excited about being in her class and I'm excited for her! There are only 17 students in her class and she knows several of them already. She came home this afternoon and said she had a great day and that she loves Mrs. Snyder. It's going to be a great year!

Grace and Carly Smith

Grace and Mrs. Melissa Snyder

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dinner at Cracker Barrel

Grace and Zachary had their annual physicals this afternoon and they asked if we could go to Cracker Barrel afterwards for dinner. That is one of their favorite places to eat. They love the food but they also love looking at the toys and somehow they usually end up getting one.

While we were sitting there waiting on our food, Zachary wanted to know if he could go and sit by the fireplace, then he told me to take a picture of him and he started posing. He wanted a picture by the flag for Daddy and then he wanted me to take his picture by the fireplace as well. I used to have to beg him to let me take his picture and now he is wanting to pose. I love it!