Saturday, July 18, 2009

Soccer Camp

Zachary participated in a soccer camp this week which was put on by Youth Sports. He did a great job and really loved it. It was for ages 5-7 year olds and they were broken into groups based on their age. Several of his friends also participated in the camp. I was very impressed with the organization and the coaches. They were taught the basics of soccer and and even had them doing drills and scrimmaging. This morning was the last day and they practiced for a bit before playing a "World Cup" game and Zachary's team, The Sharks, won 3-0! He is definitely ready to play soccer this fall.

Korbin, Ethan and Zachary

Looks like a goal to me!

Zachary and Korbin waiting for their turn to play

Being silly on the field

Korbin and this little boy from the other team crashed and hit heads. Korbin didn't shed a tear but this little boy cried and cried. He cried allot on the field. He would be mean to some of the other kids and could dish it out but he couldn't take it.

The Sharks

Zachary with Coach Jordan
Coach Jordan says he was very impressed with Zachary and that he was very observant and focused. He said he knew what to do with the ball and where to go and thought that was great after only one week!

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Ellis Family said...

They were so cute! Can't wait for soccer season - hope we're on the same team!