Friday, July 17, 2009

Porch Party

A group of us (all women and kids) have gotten to where we go to Smedley's once a week for dinner. We let the kids run around outside and play when they are finished eating and then the moms get to sit and relax and chat for awhile. This past month we have started going over to one of our houses after dinner and hang out on the porch while the kids run around and play some more. This week Dave joined us at Smedley's and it was his first time to go with us and then everyone came back here afterwards. We had a blast and Dave thought we were all funny and crazy.

Jill, Gia, Angela and Raquel

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Ellis Family said...

Fun summer nights! Will have to keep it up on the weekends this Fall! "What happens (or is said) on the porch, STAYS on the porch"! LOL