Sunday, July 5, 2009

July 4th

We celebrated July 4th this year with a delicious dinner at home. Dave grilled out steaks and they were probably some of the best steaks that we have ever had. They were delicious! And of course we had lots of other yummy food to go with it. After dinner, we went to W.P.T Hill Field to watch the fireworks. As we were walking to the field, I told Grace that the last time that I had gone there for fireworks was July 4, 2001 and that I was pregnant with her. She thought that was kind of neat.

It was not as crowded as we thought it would be so we found a good open spot and set up our chairs. There was a band playing and kids were running around and playing Frisbee and kicking soccer balls. Right as it began to get dark, Grace and Zachary decided they were hungry so Dave went and got them a funnel cake. They were not the best funnel cakes that we had ever had and all Zachary wanted to do was lick the powder sugar off.

Eventually the fireworks started and they were awesome! I had forgotten what a great show Camp Lejeune puts on or it has gotten better through the years but it was very impressive and we all really enjoyed them.

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