Sunday, June 14, 2009

Zachary's Bowling Birthday Party

Today, we celebrated Zachary's 5th Birthday at the Bonnyman Bowling Center here on base with 30 of his friends. Yes, I'm crazy. Not every person that we invited came but the vast majority did and I think everyone had a blast. The party started off a little crazy - when I got there to get everything set up, they had put another party in the room that I had reserved. So, they made that party move out of the room and then they cleaned it all up but our guests were already arriving for our party before I was able to get in the room to get set up. But I have some awesome friends! They came and just took over and helped me with everything. Thank you so much Gia and Angela! You were both lifesavers!!! And you can imagine with that many kids that things were a little crazy and chaotic but thanks to Forrest and Grant's moms, Laura and Michelle, they got all the kids grouped and set up on the bowling lanes and got all their names entered into the computers. Thanks Laura and Michelle! Then my friend, Melissa Russell, took my camera and said she would take pictures for me so I didn't even have to worry about that! And we got some great pictures! Thanks Melissa! I definitely have some fabulous friends.

We let the kids bowl one game and Zachary won the game out of his group. He did really well. After we bowled, we had pizza, hot wings, fruit and veggies, and of course, cake! Another friend of mine, Michele Cameron, made the fabulous bowling cake. This was the first one that she had ever made and it turned out amazing. We all sang Happy Birthday, Zach blew out his candles and everyone enjoyed a yummy piece of cake.

We were going to wait and open presents when we got home but Zachary really wanted to go ahead and open them. Most everyone had left at this point already so I went ahead and let him open them with the few friends that were still there. He got so many great toys and loved all of them!

After the party, Angela, Gia, Jacole and Michelle, packed everything up for me and carried it out to my car while I paid for the party. Thanks again guys!

I think next year there will definitely be a limit to the number of people that we invite to our birthday parties even though everyone was very well behaved and had a great time!

These are the invitations that I made for Zachary's party. They turned out super cute!

Alex, Grant, Owen, Zachary and Waythen

Owen, Grant, Alex, Zachary, Waythen, Jake and Joshua

Maddi, Jake, Ellis and Olivia

Jefferey, Jackson and Lola

Jackson and Jacob

Jill and Angela Richwine

Caroline and Olivia

Zach in action


Zachary, Joshua and Waythen

Grace and Ava

Grace, Ava and Gracie
Angela Richwine, Gia Ellis and Jacole Belt

Caroline and Grace

Zachary, Owen and Robbie

Caroline and Grace

Garrett, Alex, Joshua, Grant and Waythen

Jake, Ellis, Olivia and Maddi

Ava and Gracie

Justin and Nicholas

Olivia and Caroline

Jake and Zachary

Singing Happy Birthday

Making a wish

Zachary got a souvenir bowling pin to take home with him and before everyone left, we had all the kids to sign it.

Ethan, Zachary and Jack

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Ellis Family said...

CUTE!!!! That was a FUN party! The invites were adorable, the food was yummy, the party was fun and the cake was AWESOME! You did a GREAT job Jilly-bean! Luv ya!