Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It Comes in Three's

Well, you know that they say about bad things coming in three's? I believe it! Many of you know that I hurt my ankle 3 weeks ago and have been limping around in pain. I went to the doctor 2 weeks ago and they did x-rays but said it looked good and nothing was broken. They told me to come back in 7 days if it wasn't better. Well, a week later it was not any better so I went back to the doctor. This time they referred me out for an MRI to see if there was ligament or tendon damage. I had the MRI this past Friday and finally got the results from my doctor yesterday afternoon. And guess what? My ankle is fractured! So, I have been walking around for 3 weeks now with a fractured foot. They told me I needed to come immediately to get fitted for an air cast and crutches so I went and did that yesterday afternoon. They are referring me to an orthopedist but I haven't heard from them yet. So, that was the first thing.

Today, Zachary was outside trying to step on bees to kill them - his new favorite past time. I've been telling him for weeks now that he was going to get stung. All of a sudden I heard crying and I knew what had happened. He had gotten stung on his finger. This was his first bee sting so I put a baking soda paste on his finger and ice and gave him some Benadryl. I watched him pretty closely for awhile to make sure he wasn't going to have an allergic reaction to the sting and so far so good. That was the second thing.

About 30-40 minutes after Zachary got stung, I got a call from Nurse Russell at school and Grace was in her office because she was throwing up and I needed to come and get her. So, I got my crutches and hobbled to the car, drove to the school, hobbled to the school to get Grace and bring her home where she has been on the couch all afternoon. She hasn't thrown up anymore but just doesn't feel well. Maybe she got it all out of her system at school. I can only hope so! And that was number three.

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