Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Zachary!

Today, my baby turned 5 years old! I can't believe that he is getting to be such a big boy. We are having his birthday party on Sunday the 14th but we went out to dinner tonight at Mi Cabana with our friends, Brooke, Robbie and Caroline Morgan. We picked them up at 5 pm and the kids thought it was so cool that we could all ride together. We had a delicious dinner and then several of the waiters and waitresses came out with a huge fried ice cream and sang Happy Birthday in Spanish. When they were finished singing one of the waiters put whipped cream all over Zachary's face! We had no idea that was coming. We were all shocked and surprised but Zachary was a great sport about it. He just laughed and we wiped it all off. And everyone devoured the fried ice cream.

Zachary and Robbie

Robbie and Caroline gave Zachary 2 Lego sets

Brooke, Caroline and Grace

Caroline and Grace

Zachary, Robbie and me

Zachary was embarrassed when they were singing to him

Whipped cream in the face!

He was such a good sport!

Mmmmmm........Zachary got the first bite

Then everyone dug in!

Grace and Caroline really enjoyed it!

Silly birthday boy!
Best Friends

When we got home from dinner, Zachary opened up his presents from us.

He thinks he knows what it is!

It's monster trucks just like he thought it was!

Oh, cool!

It's a new Hot Wheels scooter!

Oh, its the Dino Trap track

I'm not sure what this is..............

Zachary also got the Storm Trooper Blaster that he wanted for Christmas but was sold out everywhere!

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