Saturday, June 13, 2009

Grace's Girl Scout Troop Gets "Sweet & Sassy"

Grace's Girl Scout troop took another fabulous outing with their money they made from their cookie sales. They went to Wilmington to Sweet & Sassy, which is very much like a Libby Lu. Each girl was treated to either a "princess" or "rock star" up-do, make-up and nail polish. After they all got "Sweet & Sassy" they walked over to The Melting Pot, where parents and siblings were able to join them for a fabulous lunch. The staff at The Melting Pot were awesome and so accommodating. They actually opened up 2 hours early just for us so we were the only group in the entire restaurant and they made up a menu especially for the girls. I was the only person that had ever been to The Melting Pot before so it was an extra special treat for everyone. I think it was unanimous that every one's favorite part was the appetizer of different cheeses and the desserts. The entree was good but didn't compare to the artichoke and spinach cheese fondue or the snickers and s'mores chocolate fondue. Yummy!

Grace getting turned into a "rock star"!

Carly and Grace

Doesn't she look beautiful?

Back of Grace's hair

Grace, Lauren, Kristian and McKenzie

Grace's Girl Scout leaders, Kristie, Jayme and Erin and their awesome troop of girls!

Ooooh, Ahhhhhh

Grace and Zach's favorite part......the dessert!

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Ellis Family said...

That is TOO adorable! I'm sad that our troop didn't do this! Grace looked gorgeous!