Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dave Comes Home From Djibouti.........Early!

Welcome Home Dave!

Dave surprised the kids by coming home from Djibouti two weeks early! We have grown accustomed to him being delayed or late so to find out that he was coming home early was very unexpected. The person that replaced Dave arrived in Djibouti early so Dave was able to go ahead and come home. He wanted it to be a surprise for Grace and Zachary so I didn't tell them.

Zach had speech therapy this afternoon and then we ran some errands. I had told them that we would go out for dinner and they were ready to go when I told them we had one more errand to run. Neither one was very pleased about that and Grace asked me, "Do you just have to pick up something?" and I told her "yes". I thought for sure that they would figure out what we were doing when we headed in the direction of the airport but they were both watching a movie and weren't paying any attention.

When we finally turned on the road to the airport, Grace asked if we were going to the airport. I told her that we were and she wanted to know where we were going. I told her that we were not going anywhere so she wanted to know who was coming to visit. Either Grace or Zachary one guessed that it was Daddy, and the other one said "No, he's in Africa for 2 more weeks". Then they started guessing who it might be and begged me to tell them.

We got to the airport and Dave's flight was supposed to arrive at 5:25 p.m. so I thought we had a few minutes to wait. I noticed there was a plane at the gate but I thought it must have been another one then I checked the status of his flight and it said that it had arrived at the gate at 5:10 so I knew that was his plane! I hurried the kids to the window and about that time, the passengers started coming off the plane and Dave was the first one off. Grace and Zachary both yelled out "Daddy!" and were so excited.

He gave us all a big hug when he saw us and we were all happy to be reunited once again. The kids just wanted to know if he was home for good. After we got his bags, we celebrated his homecoming by going out to dinner for sushi.

Welcome home Daddy!

Grace with one of the presents that Dave brought her.

Dave showing the kids many of his great pictures.

This is a walking stick that he brought back for Zachary.

Big hug!!!!!

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