Saturday, June 20, 2009

African Safari

One of Dave's goals when he found out he was going to deploy to Africa was to fulfill a childhood dream by going on a safari. He even bought an expensive Nikon camera just for the occasion. Because Dave was so busy, he was unable to use his 96 to go on a proper safari. But just before he was to come home, he had to go back to Kenya for business and was able to get on a one day safari. He went to the Tsavo East National Park, the area made famous in the movie "The Ghost and the Darkness" for the man eating lions of Tsavo.

After a four hour drive from Mombasa, Dave along with the other members of his party, finally made it to the gates of the park. He didn't know what to expect; he really didn't think he would see any animals in just one day. Little did he know that he was to see a multitude of animals within three hours. He said it was just like Kilimanjaro Safari's at Disney's Animal Kingdom. Almost as soon as he entered the park, he saw a family of elephants. He saw antelope, gazelle, dic dics, and other horned animals that he forgot the names of. He also saw zebras, water buffalo, male lions and 3-4 lionesses on the hunt. Dave said that he couldn't go 1/2 mile without seeing another family of elephants, to include a family that was at a water hole with the baby playing in the water only a car length away. Like many American national parks, there are different lodges in the park and that is where Dave had a scrumptious lunch. By the end of lunch, everyone in the group felt more than satisfied with all of the animals that they saw and were ready to head back. Dave took over 600 pictures and had the time of his life!

Elephants are close family. After an elephant is born, it stays with its mother for several years. This could be a picture of a family with the mother and the siblings.

The giraffe are nature's pruners. The umbrella shape to the trees is caused by the giraffes eating the vegetation. What is left on the tree is what the giraffes can't reach.

There were 3 lionesses, of which we only saw one at first, that were stalking some animals that were at a watering hole. It was interesting that as soon as the heads of those animals popped up alerted to their presence, the lionesses went and congregated in the shade of a tree as they lost the element of surprise.

Two male (gazelles or impalas maybe?) fought for a group of females that were nearby.

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