Thursday, May 28, 2009

Zachary's End of Year Bowling Party

Today was Zachary's last day of school at Paradise Point Child Care Center and they didn't even go to the school! We had their end of year party at the bowling alley so we jut all met there at 10 this morning. Everyone had fun bowling, eating pizza and just being silly. Zach did a great job bowling and was very proud of himself.

Miss Val was sneaky when she left. She had to go early to go to a luncheon at PPCCC so she just casually mentioned that and then left without making a big to do of saying goodbye. It's a good thing she did that because there would have been lots of tears otherwise!

Zachary, Michael Cameron and Robbie Morgan

Robbie, Zachary, Samuel & Michael

Robbie, Michael, Zachary & Connor P. waiting to get all their names entered in so they can start bowling!

Alex Manzanet and Zachary

Woo hoo!

Only 1 pin left - let's see if I can get it.

Yes! I did it!
Making a ladybug Bug Jar

Alex, Zachary, Michelle Cameron and Michael

Everyone enjoying their pizza

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