Thursday, May 14, 2009

We Will Miss You, Wendi!

Summertime means many different things to different people. Most people when they think of summer, they think of school getting out, family vacations, going to the beach or the pool and that sort of thing. But if you are part of this small family that is known as the Marine Corps, summertime means moving and saying goodbye to dear friends. And I'm sad to say, that time has already come for us. One of my closest friends, Wendi, and her family will be pulling out of Camp Lejeune, NC bright and early this coming Sunday and heading to Lubbock, TX where Adrian is going for recruiting duty.

In the military you tend to make friends quickly because you have a common bond that ties you together and you become really good friends fast because you know that you probably only have a couple of years to spend with that person. Wendi was one of the first persons that I met outside of my neighborhood when we moved here. We were both at the school helping set up for a book fair and we started talking and just hit it off. Her daughter, Reagan, ended up becoming one of Grace's very best friends and Wendi became one of my very best friends. It hasn't been quite two years since we met but I feel like I've known her for far longer.

This past Saturday night, we had a surprise going away party for her and had a blast! We did something that none of us had ever done before and never imagined doing but we danced with poles. Yes, we had a private pole dancing lesson taught by two Officer's wives. Wendi didn't have a clue about what we were doing; she only knew that she was supposed to bring work out clothes and heels. I think she thought we were going to make her do something really embarrassing but we would never do that!

The look on her face when she opened her eyes and saw us all standing there in our heels and yoga clothes was priceless! And then the party started! It was a great night celebrating great friendships; too bad it was because we have to say goodbye. I love you Wendi!

Autumn bringing Wendi through the door.

When she first opened her eyes and saw us all there.

Wendi and Autumn

Jill, Jacole, Wendi and Gia

Wendi is probably the only one of us who did not become a Twilight addict. She laughed during the entire movie! So, we gave her this shirt to remember us all by.

Jill and Gia
Renee and Jackie

The Stiletto Girls
Autumn, Shelby, Renee, Stacy, Jackie, Jill, Erin, Wendi, Jacole, Tammy, Gia and Tiffany


Giaellis2 said...

ADORABLE and SAD all at the same time! I'll miss her too and I didn't even know her as well :( I love our military family and the friendships I've made as well. I hate goodbyes :(

Wendi said...

Crap Jill, stop making me cry! That was so sweet! Love you too and miss you already!!!
My going away par-tay was AWESOME.....I will NEVER forget it. And I'll never forget you! Thank goodness for blogging and Facebook!