Sunday, May 24, 2009

Update on Zachary

We got called back about 3:45 pm and saw Dr. Danenberg, who was so great with Zachary! He examined his eye and made sure there were no other injuries that we were unaware of and said that the laceration to his eyelid was in the perfect place to use Dermabond and would leave minimal scarring since it was in the crease of his eye. So, they cleansed and irrigated the wound and then Dr. Danenberg used a TINY needle to apply the Dermabond. Zachary was such a big brave boy and was so still and didn't move a muscle just like they told him to the entire time that the doctor was applying the glue. His eye is very swollen and already bruising and they said he would probably have a black eye but otherwise should be okay. We have to go back early in the morning for a wound check.

I must say that it gave me quite a scare and I think I may have almost experienced my first panic attack when all of this happened. Once we got to the ER and were sitting there waiting, I had such a huge tightness in my chest and throat and found it difficult to breath and it wasn't until they were all finished with him and we were being discharged that it began to subside.

Getting the laceration cleaned out.
Waiting on Dr. Danenberg

Dr. Danenberg fixing Zachary up

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