Friday, May 22, 2009

Pre-K Open House

Zachary's pre-k class at JPS had an open house today. We had ice cream sundaes and watched a slide show presentation of the kids throughout the year. Afterwards we went to their class where we went on a scavenger hunt and they had to show us things that they do during the day and where things are and what their favorite things to do are. It was a lot of fun and of course Zachary's favorite part of the day was the playground and his favorite thing to do in the room was play at the Lego Center. We also looked at a portfolio of some of their school work.

Zachary and his best friend, Robbie

Enjoying that ice cream sundae!

This was so cute! When we left the Media Center to go to their classroom, Zachary, Garrett, Robbie and Wathan all joined hands and walked to the room together.

Mrs. Edwards measuring Zachary. They marked how tall they were at the beginning of the year and then compared it today. Zachary has grown 3 inches since he started school in September!

Zachary showing me their butterflies

This is Zachary's artwork that is up in the room right now - it's a crab made out of his hand prints.

Going fishing!

This is the bulletin board that I blogged about earlier when Zachary had to make his starfish. "Now I Know My A - B - Seas"

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