Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pedicure Party at Totally Toes

Today was a first for Grace. She had her first ever pedicure. Her Brownie troop went on another one of their fabulous cookie money funded trips...this time to Totally Toes for a Pedicure Party! They got to bring their own music...plenty of HSM, Hannah Montana, Taylor Swift and such, as well as goodies to snack on. The girls voted for Subway sandwiches so they all took turns eating and then getting their Cotton Candy pedicure treatments. Each girl got a full pedicure including paraffin dip as well as a gentle massage on their arm and legs with Cotton Candy oil! They also got to choose a nail polish color and of course Grace chose a bright pink, and they got polka dot nail art! Lastly each girl was given a gift bag of goodies! Grace was so excited when I picked her up and she absolutely loved the pedicure and had to tell me all about it.

Kate, Grace and Paige

Kate and Grace enjoying some subs!

Brownie Troop 3383

Grace, Jenny, Kristian and Paige

Grace, Madison and Lauren

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