Sunday, May 17, 2009

Not Letting Go

Maddi was over this afternoon playing with the kids and when it came time for dinner, we were having left over lasagna that I had made for us all on Saturday night. Maddi said she loved my lasagna so I told her she could stay for dinner if she wanted. So, I called Lara to check to see if it was okay which it was so Maddi ate dinner with us tonight. Maddi and are family are leaving tomorrow for a 2 week road trip up to DC, Philadelphia, Rhode Island, Canada, Niagara Falls and then back down to DC. Grace and Zachary did not want Maddi to leave so they got on top of her and said they were not going to let her go. They pretty much pinned her down and would not get off but there was lots of giggles and laughter coming from all three of them. They both love Maddi and Jake so much. What will they do when it comes time for them to move back to Australia?

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