Friday, May 15, 2009

Grace and Reagan - Best Friends Forever

I wanted to be able to spend a little more time with Wendi before they headed to Texas and of course, Grace wanted to see Reagan so they came over to the house for a little while this afternoon. Wendi and I just sat around and talked and she looked at my blog book, or Book of Life as my mom has named it, and Grace and Reagan played all afternoon. I don't know if it has really hit either Grace or Reagan that Reagan is moving and they may not ever see each other again. I hope they do, but you never know. But they definitely had a fun last afternoon together and I'm glad they were able to spend that time just having fun and being silly little girls!

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Wendi said...

Like mother, like daughter! Reagan and I will miss you and Grace so much. BTW, when did Grace grow to be like a foot taller than Reagan?!?!
P.S. You know I'm gonna steal these cute pics and put them on my blog too!!