Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pedicure Party at Totally Toes

Today was a first for Grace. She had her first ever pedicure. Her Brownie troop went on another one of their fabulous cookie money funded trips...this time to Totally Toes for a Pedicure Party! They got to bring their own music...plenty of HSM, Hannah Montana, Taylor Swift and such, as well as goodies to snack on. The girls voted for Subway sandwiches so they all took turns eating and then getting their Cotton Candy pedicure treatments. Each girl got a full pedicure including paraffin dip as well as a gentle massage on their arm and legs with Cotton Candy oil! They also got to choose a nail polish color and of course Grace chose a bright pink, and they got polka dot nail art! Lastly each girl was given a gift bag of goodies! Grace was so excited when I picked her up and she absolutely loved the pedicure and had to tell me all about it.

Kate, Grace and Paige

Kate and Grace enjoying some subs!

Brownie Troop 3383

Grace, Jenny, Kristian and Paige

Grace, Madison and Lauren

Friday, May 29, 2009

Pajama Day

The last day of spirit week was pajama day and this was probably one of the favorites. Grace and Zachary both wore their pj's to school and had a great day! It was fun seeing all of the teachers and staff in their pj's too.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dave's Trip to Stuttgart, Germany

About a month or so ago, Dave went to Stuttgart, Germany for work and loved it! He said it was absolutely beautiful. While he was there he went to a soccer game and the Mercedes-Benz Museum.

Imagine my surprise when I saw this picture. I know he took this just for me.

Zachary's End of Year Bowling Party

Today was Zachary's last day of school at Paradise Point Child Care Center and they didn't even go to the school! We had their end of year party at the bowling alley so we jut all met there at 10 this morning. Everyone had fun bowling, eating pizza and just being silly. Zach did a great job bowling and was very proud of himself.

Miss Val was sneaky when she left. She had to go early to go to a luncheon at PPCCC so she just casually mentioned that and then left without making a big to do of saying goodbye. It's a good thing she did that because there would have been lots of tears otherwise!

Zachary, Michael Cameron and Robbie Morgan

Robbie, Zachary, Samuel & Michael

Robbie, Michael, Zachary & Connor P. waiting to get all their names entered in so they can start bowling!

Alex Manzanet and Zachary

Woo hoo!

Only 1 pin left - let's see if I can get it.

Yes! I did it!
Making a ladybug Bug Jar

Alex, Zachary, Michelle Cameron and Michael

Everyone enjoying their pizza

Carolina Blue Day

Today for Spirit Week was Carolina Blue day. Since we aren't really Carolina fans, the kids did not have anything to wear representing Carolina so we picked the closest thing they had to that color blue.

Zachary's Graduating Class

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Paradise Point Graduation

Paradise Point Child Care Center had their final 4 year-old preschool graduation tonight at 6:00 at The Officer's Club. There were 12 children from Miss Val's class and 12 children from Miss Michelle's class that graduated. The children were adorable in their caps and gowns and because the center is closing and this was the last graduation, each child got to keep their cap and gown.

After the kids all walked in, we were welcomed by Alicia Brindel and then we said The Pledge of allegiance. The children performed several songs including Grand Old Flag; Red, White and Blue; Days of the Week (English); Days of the Week (Spanish); Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and Miss Mary Mack. Each child was then called up and presented with their diploma. At the end of the ceremony we presented Miss Val with a framed print that we had done of all the children's hand prints and a gift card. After the ceremony, we took lots of pictures and enjoyed some yummy refreshments!

Congratulations Zachary!

Robbie Morgan and Zachary

Zachary and Campbell Cabiness

Zachary singing

Alicia presenting Zachary his diploma

Liz Orille presenting Miss Val with the print.

After the kids walked out, they got in a circle and all said something together then threw up their caps!

I think throwing up their caps was one of their favorite things about the graduation!

Miss Val's Class

Zachary with Miss Val


This is the print we gave Miss Val. Liz Orille, Connor's Mom, painted the tree trunk and got each child to do their hand print. I wrote all of the children's names at the bottom and it turned out beautifully!

Zachary and Robbie - Best Friends