Friday, April 10, 2009

Zachary's Paradise Point Easter Party

Zachary's Easter Party with his class at Paradise Point was this morning at Marston Pavilion. They had an Easter egg hunt, an obstacle course, made bird feeders and of course, ate! Everyone had a fun time.

Zachary listening to Ms. Val's instructions about the egg hunt.

Finding eggs!

Hmmm....let's see how many I have.

Zachary and Robbie

Making a bird feeder

Zachary's team for the obstacle course.

They had to crawl through a tube, pick up a noodle, run around cones,
run around a picnic table while balancing a big egg on a racket, then hop like
a bunny rabbit and kick a soccer ball, all while wearing a pair of bunny ears!

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Ellis Family said...

He is adorable! Nice haircut too by the way! :)