Thursday, April 9, 2009

Zachary's Panda Class Easter Celebration

Zachary's Panda Class had their Easter Party this afternoon because several of the kids were going to be going out of town tomorrow. Earlier this week, they made the most adorable Easter bunny baskets out of gallon milk cartons which they were able to use to put their eggs in from the Easter egg hunt. They also had a fun time playing bingo, decorating cupcakes, dyeing an egg (Zachary of course picked blue - his favorite color), pinning the tail on the bunny rabbit and getting their face painted. What a fun day!

Zachary being a cheese at snack time.

Easter egg hunt

All the kids with Mrs. Edwards looking at their eggs.

Zachary and his best friend, Robbie

Dyeing eggs

Playing Pin the tail on the rabbit

Look how close he got!


Decorating a cupcake - it's also blue

Playing Elefun

Getting a ladybug painted on his face.

This is a rainbow that Zachary painted and it's hanging in his classroom.

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