Sunday, April 19, 2009

Thank God for Pigs!

Funny story - tonight at bedtime, I read Grace and Zachary the story of Noah and the ark. At the end, there are a couple of questions and things to think about. One was to name all of your favorite animals and then praise God for saving all of the animals in the flood. We took turns naming our favorite animals and one of Zachary's was a pig. When it came time to say our prayers, Zachary asked God to help him make good choices (from another story we read) and he thanked God for his Momma and Daddy, all the trees and our house and then he thanked God for pigs because they give us bacon! I couldn't help but laugh and it is true. Zachary loves bacon and he wanted to thank God for pigs because he knows that we get bacon from pigs.

He's a mess!

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