Sunday, April 26, 2009

Paradise Point Celebration

As most of you already know, Paradise Point Child Care Center will be closing at the end of this school year. Today they had a party at Marston Pavilion to celebrate 45 years of service. They had huge blow up slides and bouncy houses and rock climbing walls. They had several craft tables inside where the kids were able to make bookmarks, decorate an egg, color and decorate butterflies and all kinds of fun stuff. They had food, tons and tons of food - North Carolina BBQ, chicken, hush puppies, baked beans, slaw, potato salad and of course, sweet iced tea! Grace and Zachary had a blast!

Zachary, Grace and Owen Richwine

Zachary and Robbie Morgan

Zachary, Connor Orille and Alex Manzanet

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canscrap4u2 said...

why are they closing?