Saturday, April 11, 2009

Getting Ready for Easter

Grace, Zachary and I started getting ready for Easter by dying eggs this afternoon. They did a great job and we all had fun. While the eggs were drying I read them the story of Easter and explained to them that Easter was not all about Easter baskets, bunny rabbits and egg hunts. We talked about Jesus dying on the cross, being placed in a tomb and that three days later, he rose from the dead. Of course, it was hard for them to understand but they decided that Jesus must be really cool and hopefully they will begin to understand that the death of Jesus on the cross and the miracle of His rising from the dead are the heart of the Easter story.

Because First Baptist was anticipating such a large crowd on Easter Sunday, they decided to have a Saturday evening service which we went to this evening. I was really surprised that there were as many people there as there was and Jason Brinker did a fabulous job. After church we went and had dinner at Cracker Barrel where we were waited on by this waiter that Grace has always thought was cute but has never waited on us. You should have seen her grinning from ear to ear! Once we got home, they watched "Homeward Bound" and after they fell asleep, I stayed up and filled Easter baskets.

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