Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

We got up this morning to Jake and Maddi hiding eggs for Grace and Zachary. When we came out, they had already hidden 44 eggs so I got the ones that we dyed yesterday and some that I bought and Lara, Glen and I hid those. On your mark, get set, go! And off they went between the two yards. Everyone found several eggs and Grace and Zachary each found one of the golden prize eggs.

Grace and Megan hunting for eggs

Jake, Zach and Glen

Ooh, are eggs in the tree.

I see a pink egg by the wheel of Zach's scooter!

Zach found one by the garbage can.

And, she's off again!

The golden prize egg

Everyone checking out all of their Easter egg booty.

Look, I found another one in the ditch!

Megan, Jake and Maddi

Maddi and Grace

Glen and Lara
Zach and Jake

These beautiful flowers are on a tree in our back yard. It looks
dead half of the time, but is gorgeous when it blooms.

This is the great bird feeder that Zachary and I
made at his PPCCC Easter Party.

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