Thursday, March 19, 2009

Yana's Ye Olde Drugstore

We went to Swansboro for the day today. I had told Kerry about Yana's and all of the Elvis memorabilia. I had been to the little shop before but never to the restaurant so we went there today. It's such a cute little place with tons of Elvis, Marilyn Monroe and James Dean memorabilia. I had been told that Elvis was in the bathroom also. When you walk back to where the bathrooms are, there is a picture of Marilyn Monroe on the Women's door and it says "Elvis is in the building." Inside the bathroom there is a life size Elvis in his gold suit that actually talks to you and tons of pictures and album covers. The bathroom is tiny but Hannah, Kerry and I were all crammed in there taking pictures. It was pretty funny!

After a yummy meal and a little shopping at Yana's, we walked around and went to some of the cute little shops there in the Historic District. The kids all wanted to go down to the water, so we went to one of the piers and took a few pictures by the water.

On our way home from Swansboro, I took them to Onslow Beach so they could all see and stick their toes in the Atlantic Ocean. It was cold and windy at the beach but the kids loved it! The cold water didn't seem to bother them at all and they had a great time collecting sea shells.

I love this picture of Mom. She didn't realize the water was coming in
and you can see by her expression how cold she thought it was!

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