Friday, March 20, 2009

New York - Day 1

Okay, first of all let me start this by saying we have great friends in Lara and Glen Braithwaite! Back in January Glen emailed me one day and said that he wanted to surprise Lara with a trip to New York for her birthday and he needed my help. He said that she really wanted to go to New York and he had no desire to go and that he would like to give us both a trip to NYC with the only stipulation that my parents would need to come and keep Grace and Zachary since Dave was gone. I couldn't believe it! We emailed back and forth and I asked him "are you sure about this" and "are you sure you don't want to go" and that sort of thing. I told him that I would definitely arrange for my parents to come and keep the kids or put them up for adoption one. Of course I was only joking about the adoption but I did say that.

So, Glen started planning the trip. He purchased airfare, tickets to see Mama Mia! and made reservations for us at the Marriott Times Square. Lara's birthday was January 22nd so she woke up that morning to clues all over her house. She finally pieced together that she was going on a trip to NYC and that she was going with a friend instead of Glen. I came over a little later with a CD of songs all about New York and that is when she knew it was me. We were both so excited!

Well, the day finally came and today we flew out of Jacksonville, NC to Atlanta, GA then on to New York City! Our flight was delayed in Atlanta so we didn't arrive in New York until about 9:00 p.m. We took a taxi to our hotel where we checked in on the 8th floor. We went to our room for a few minutes before heading out in to Times Square.

Lara after we had just arrived at the hotel.

Getting my camera ready!

First sight of Times Square

Times Square was exactly how I had imagined it to be filled with people, signs and lights but then on the other hand I had no idea that it would be as "Wow!" as it was. Since it was late and we were tired, we just decided to walk around in Times Square and just take in all the sights and smells and see what all we could see.
I'm very excited to be here!

That's me in the middle of Times Square!

This was one of the first billboards I saw and I thought, "Wow, it's Elvis!"
It looked so much like him but then I realized it must have been an Elvis Tribute Artist.

Lara in the middle of Times Square.

After a little more sight seeing and a delicious sweet and juicy steak kabob from a street vendor, we called it a night so that we could get an early start on Saturday.

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Ellis Family said...

LOVE IT! Man, I'm dying to go there one day! Great pics! Love your camera strap too! :)