Sunday, February 8, 2009

Zachary's Weekend with Pat Panda

Zachary was the VIP in his Panda class this past week so he got to bring the class mascot, Pat Panda, home with him this weekend. He was to spend the weekend with Pat and we have to write in the VIP notebook what all they did together.

So, first thing Saturday morning, Zachary and Pat enjoyed some Special K for breakfast and then they played a little gameboy.

Then Grace and Zachary played house with Pat and fun games with a ball.

They also took Pat outside and Zachary rode him around on his bike.

After they played outside for awhile, Zachary and I took Pat to the store to buy Valentine's Day cards and Pat helped Zachary pick out Power Ranger cards for his classes. Then I took Zachary to get his hair cut and he wanted to take Pat in with him and get Pat's hair cut also. We did take Pat in with us and there were several marines waiting to get their hair cut also. While we were sitting there, Zachary whispered to me to put Pat behind him. He was hiding him. I asked him if he still wanted Pat to get his hair cut and he said no and for me to put Pat in my purse. I guess he was embarrassed to have Pat there with him in front of all those marines. They just grow up way too fast!

When we got home from the store, we walked down to the playground with Lara and Maddi. Zachary took Pat all around the playground and we all had fun. Pat Panda climbed up the climbing wall and got stuck up on top and we had to get him down somehow. So, Maddi climbed up to get Pat down for Zachary. I think Pat has had a fun and busy day.

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