Friday, February 6, 2009

JPS 1st Annual Chili Cook-Off

Tonight, Johnson Primary School, had its first annual chili cook-off hosted by the PTA. My friend, Wendi, did a great job planning and organizing the event and we had 18 parents and teachers enter their chili in the cook-off. We were able to go around and sample as many of the different chili's that we wanted and vote for our favorite and enjoy as many bowls as we wanted. I was not even sure if we were going to be able to go because Grace woke up this morning not feeling well and had a low grade fever. I actually kept her home from school and she rested most of the day. I had planned on going up to the school just to help set up and have a bowl of chili for my dinner and then we were going to leave but she seemed to feel well enough to just sit around and partake in the activities. And of course, once I helped set up there was always something that needed to be done and we ended up staying for the entire event. But the chili was fabulous and no two tasted the same. I sampled as many as I could before deciding on having a bowl of Grace's teacher's, Mrs. Flott's, steak chili. It was different and fabulous! She ended up winning 2nd place for her chili. Another good friend of mine, Jacole, won 1st place for her Mexican style chili which was also delicious! It was a fun night of good food, good friends and Bingo!

Wendi setting up for the Chili Cook-Off

Jacole's daughter, Gracie, Zach and me putting out the condiments

Zachary tasted 3 or 4 different pots of chili before deciding that he wanted some of Mrs. Charlene's mild chili.
Playing bingo

The 2008-2009 JPS PTA Board
Stacy, Jill, Renee, Wendi, Shelby, Autumn, Cathy and Lynn

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