Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hotel for Dogs

Today I took the kids to see Hotel for Dogs here at the base theater. What a cute movie! A friend of mine does a movie rating system and it's like this: Rob's Rating System: Two Thumbs up = I loved it, worth paying full price, and I will own it on DVD. One Thumb up = An OK movie, worth a matinee showing, and I may buy it on DVD if I see it in the $5 bin. Thumb to the side = Wait and rent it. I wouldn't be mad if someone gave me this DVD, but I wouldn't buy it. Thumbs down = I hated it, wish I wouldn't have wasted money on it, wouldn't own it on DVD.

I don't see nearly as many movies as Rob and hardly any at the theater that aren't children's movies. However, I am trying to take advantage of the base theater because it is so cheap. We went to see Bedtime Stories a couple of weeks ago and then Hotel for Dogs today. The kids and I loved both movies and we are definitely giving both of these 2 Thumbs Up! (Full price for us at the base theater though is $3 - $2 for me, $1 for Grace and Zach is free). And they have already said that we HAVE to buy these on DVD when they come out.

So, if you haven't seen Hotel for Dogs, go see it - super cute movie!

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