Friday, February 20, 2009


I was reading my friend, Rob's, blog this morning and he mentioned a blog in which someone posted a video about Facebook. I have just recently joined Facebook and probably spend too much time there. There are some aspects of Facebook that I love and then others that I just don't get, like the poking, throwing a pillow, sweet willie's treat shop and that sort of thing. Here is a video about what someone thinks about Facebook and it's hilarious (especially if you spend much time on Facebook). I will have to admit though that I disagree with him about the flair. I love flair! Take a look at this video, especially if you have a Facebook account.

If you are seeing the adds at the bottom of the video, just click on the x. You will also need to pause the Elvis music playing over to the right in the playlist.

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Rob said...

Jill, thanks for the comment on my blog and for the link on yours. I got a bunch of traffic from your site today.