Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's Snowing in North Carolina!

Yesterday Grace came in from playing outside and said that one of the other kids said it was supposed to snow today. I thought, "yeah right". Then last night at Girl Scouts, Grace's leaders were saying that we were under a winter storm watch and that it was supposed to snow. So, I came home and checked the weather and low and behold, we were under a winter storm watch and they were predicting anywhere from 2-6 inches of snow. Then as we were getting baths and ready for bed last night, the phone rang, and it was a recording from the school saying that the Camp Lejeune schools were going to be closed today.

I woke up sometime during the night and peaked out and there was no snow. Then this morning when Grace and Zachary woke up, Grace got up and peeked out the window and said that it was snowing. It was barely falling but it was snowing. The kids wanted to hurry up and get dressed and get outside and play. Their friends Jake and Maddi were out so they all played and tried to catch snow flakes and even jumped on the trampoline. It stopped snowing a little later and I thought that was the end of it.

The kids were all inside playing and then Zachary came to me and said that he wanted to go out and play in the snow. I told him that it had stopped snowing and he said, "no it hasn't momma, it's snowing again". I looked out and it was really falling! And it has snowed on and off all afternoon.

The kids have played, had snowball fights, made snow angels and now they are across the street with Jake and his Dad, Glen, sledding. We have probably close to 2 inches now and it's still falling.

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Ellis Family said...

Great pics! Can't believe they have ANOTHER snow day tomorrow! KILL ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!