Monday, January 5, 2009

A good friend of mine, Melissa Russell, is starting her own photography business so I talked to her about taking pictures of our family so that I would have something nice for our Christmas cards. We first had it scheduled during Thanksgiving while Papa was here so that we could get some pictures made with him also. But that is when Zachary scratched his cornea and couldn't even open his eye on the morning that we were supposed to do them. So, we rescheduled for the following Saturday morning and Zachary woke up with an ear infection and throwing up so we had to cancel again. Melissa was probably thinking at this point that we really didn't want her to take our picture which was not true at all! I think we rescheduled once or twice more before actually getting them made on December 14th. Dave and I were both so sick that weekend but figured it was "now or never" so we met Melissa and she spent so much time with us and took I don't know how many pictures of which so many were really good (especially considering the fact that neither Dave nor I felt like having our picture taken). There were so many good ones that we had a hard time choosing which ones to use for our Christmas cards. These were some of my favorites.

If you live in the Jacksonville area and are looking for a good photographer who is reasonably priced, I definitely recommend Melissa of Melissa and Co. Photography, telephone number 910-389-9573.

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Ellis Family said...

These are awesome! We need to do family pics too! Thanks :)