Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Zachary's Doctors Appointment

I took Zachary to the doctor today to have his ears checked. He had a double ear infection back in October and again at the first of December and I just wanted to make sure they had cleared up. Plus, ever since the ear infection in December, I don't think he has been hearing as well as he should be.

So we went to Jacksonville Children's Clinic and the doctor didn't say his ears were infected but he does have a lot of fluid in both ears. He said that all the fluid could be preventing his ear drum from moving the way that it should be therefore affecting his hearing. He also said that he was very congested and even heard some wheezing. He mentioned the possibility of tubes and is referring Zachary to an ENT for further evaluation.

Zachary is also being referred for a speech evaluation. He has trouble enunciating certain letters and sounds and Miss Val, his preschool teacher, talked to me about it right before the Christmas holidays. She wrote a letter, which I took to his pediatrician, requesting that he be evaluated. We knew he had trouble saying words that begin with "tr", "j" and a few others. They think it will be easily corrected and could possibly even be related to the hearing problem.

I am just waiting now to hear from the referrals and get the appointments scheduled.

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