Monday, December 22, 2008


I'm sitting here this morning at 6:30 am on the first day of Christmas break blogging. I just got Dave off to work and could have gone back to bed and gone to sleep but I wanted a cup of coffee while it was still fresh so thought I would blog for a few minutes while I drink my coffee.

I also have a lot on my mind. Not just the ordinary 1500 things that I have to do 3 days before Christmas like getting the house cleaned, going to the commissary, wrap Christmas presents, finish Christmas shopping......but now I'm trying to think of everything that I can about what a person could do with information like my debit card number, my drivers license number, my former address, date of birth and that sort of thing. You see I got a call yesterday afternoon from the fraud center of USAA who we bank with. They were inquiring into some possible fraudulent charges that had occurred yesterday and wanted to know if we were traveling. I told him no, that we were in Jacksonville, NC and he said, so you have not been in Lantana, FL today? I said no. Someone had used my debit card at a Sam's Club yesterday in Palm Beach County to make two purchases. The first was only for $40. They were checking to see if it was going to work. The 2nd one was for $1,324.52. It worked. The scary thing is that this person didn't use my debit card number to make a purchase online or something like that. They had made an actual physical card with my number on it and were using it.

When our car was broken into, I knew that my wallet had been gone through but when they didn't take anything out of it, I thought I was okay. This was not just some random kid stealing a MacBook. This was a professional. They were able to write down my debit card number, go somewhere and create a fake debit card with my number on it and make it good enough that they could use. Thank goodness for USAA who was immediately alerted by the out of state purchases and notified me at once. They will be crediting the money back to our account and they cancelled my debit card immediately and are issuing a new one. But I just can't stop thinking about what else this person could do with my information.

I notified the Orange County Sheriff's office of what had happened to add it to the initial report but because the crime happened in a different jurisdiction I had to file a report in Palm Beach County. So, I spent the evening last night doing that and giving them all of the information. The person I spoke with there said that we needed to put a fraud alert on our credit reports in case this person starts trying to open up accounts with my information and steal my identity.

So, needless to say, I'm feeling a little violated right now and am just a little stressed.

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canscrap4u2 said...

That happened to us about a year and a half ago; someone bought $1300 worth of stuff from Best buy...we finally got our money back. Also, these were online purchases...probably they got a hold of some peronal info from your wallet...enough to do something with, but didnt' take anything to avoid you cancelling anything..geez...