Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Last Day of our Disney Vacation - Magic Kingdon

Today was the last day of our Disney vacation. Dave and I thought that we might go back to Disney's Studios but the kids really wanted to go to Magic Kingdom so that they could ride Splash Mountain and Thunder Railroad again. Because we had decided to stay an extra day, we had to check out of Old Key West and check into Saratoga Springs for the one night. Since it was too early to check in to Saratoga Springs we loaded up the Tahoe and drove to Magic Kingdom for the day.

Before we went in to Magic Kingdom, we took the Monorail over to The Grand Floridian to see the giant Gingerbread House they have there. During the holidays, several places throughout Disney erect larger than life Gingerbread houses. We've seen a couple of them before but had always heard that the one at The Grand Floridian was the grandest and it was gorgeous! The Grand Floridian itself was gorgeous. I told Dave sometime that I would like to go and stay there just the two of us because it was so nice.

Once we got to Magic Kingdom, it didn't look too badly crowded and I thought that this was going to be nice. But when we walked through the tunnel area under the train station, everything changed. It was packed and you couldn't go anywhere. Today was the filming of the Walt Disney Christmas Parade with Regis and Kelly. Dave said that he had heard someone mention it earlier in the week but had forgotten about it.

You couldn't walk up Main Street at all. It was completely blocked. We were able to get in to an area to try and see some of the filming of the parade. We were right there to the right of the stage where Regis and Kelly were and in front of the Imagination Movers. We thought it might be kind of neat because we saw the Imagination Movers perform in Pensacola when they were first starting out and now they have their own show on the Disney channel. But because of the filming, the parade just moved at a snail's pace. It actually wasn't moving at all. The kids got really bored really quickly and just wanted to go and ride some rides. So we left to try and maneuver our way to another area of the park.

Regis and Kelly on the far right
The Imagination Movers

Since you couldn't walk down Main Street, they were actually sending people out a side gate to walk behind all of the buildings on Main Street to get to other areas of the park. It's kind of funny - there is no magic on the other side of those buildings.

As soon as we got in to Tomorrowland, we knew we were in trouble. The line for the Buzz Lightyear ride that we had just walked onto days before was now a 70 minute or so wait. We stopped for lunch on our way over to Adventureland and Frontierland and then took the kids to ride Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Railroad. We rode Splash Mountain twice and Big Thunder Railroad once and then went and bought the kids some ice cream. Grace wanted to ride The Haunted Mansion one more time but we couldn't talk Zach into it so Dave just went and sat with him while Grace and I stood in line for about 50 minutes to ride it. We met up with Dave and Zachary in front of the castle where they were just wrapping up the filming of the parade. We caught the end of Billy Ray Cyrus performing. Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana had performed earlier in the day. Had we known, we might have tried to gotten over there to see her but oh well. After that, we decided to call it a day and go to Downtown Disney for some fun.

Dave and Zach prepared to get wet on Splash Mountain
View of the castle with some of the camera crews

Well, the next part is history. You all know what happened next after we got to the car and found out it had been broken into. It was just a miserable day all around.

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