Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It's Christmas Eve and I feel some sort of sense of accomplishment. I got the house cleaned yesterday and I think it is the first time that the entire house has been cleaned all at the same time in a couple of months. It feels so good.

Beverly (Dave's Mom), also known as Grandma Beverly or Mimi was supposed to have gotten in yesterday evening at 5:16 but because of all the bad weather and snow storms, her flights kept getting delayed. She finally made it out of Chicago to Charlotte and got in to Jacksonville at 11:30 last night.

Dave, Grace, Zachary and I played a game of Disney Monopoly last night after we got home from dinner and then he put the kids to bed before picking Beverly up from the airport. While he was putting the kids to bed, I started wrapping presents. I got all of the presents from us wrapped and all of the Santa presents. So, tonight all we have to do is put together Grace's dollhouse and furniture and Zachary's space shuttle and get it all set out.

I made sausage balls this morning for breakfast. Sausage balls are a tradition in my family and we have them every year during the Christmas holidays. Usually either my Dad or Mark make them and I can never get my fill. Since we were not home this year, the task fell to me but I had to do it. It just wouldn't seem like Christmas without sausage balls.

Sometime today the kids and I are going to make cookies to decorate and I need to go ahead and start cooking some of the food for tomorrow.

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