Saturday, December 6, 2008

Grace's Birthday Celebration at Raglan Road

After we left Magic Kingdom, we checked in to Saratoga Springs then headed to Downtown Disney for dinner at an Irish Pub called Raglan Road. We were so tired and frazzled at this point, that we just wanted to sit down and try to relax for a bit. It started raining at soon as we got off the bus at Downtown Disney so we ran all the way to the restaurant. We had a few minutes to wait before we were seated so we looked around in the little shop for a few minutes and got some cute pictures of Grace and Zachary.

Dinner was absolutely delicious! Dave and I both had something called 'Yer Not Bleedin' Chowder and it was kind of a stew with all kinds of seafood. Scrumptious! We had a fabulous waitress who noticed Grace's birthday button and brought her out their famous bread pudding on a cute plate decorated with Happy Birthday in chocolate and it was the most fabulous bread pudding that I have ever tasted.

There was a live band that played traditional Irish music and the waitress told them that it was Grace's birthday so they sang Happy Birthday to her and also some Irish song about a girl named Grace gets married to some guy in a jail. I know. Not the most appropriate song for a 7 year old girl, but she didn't notice. She just knew that the song was about a girl named Grace. She was the star for a few minutes.

Our table was right next to this 100 plus year old "stage" that an Irish dancer would come out to every few songs and dance. She was really good and it was quite fun. It was actually a very good night to end such a terrible day on. If you are ever in the Downtown Disney area, I highly recommend Raglan Road.

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