Friday, December 5, 2008


Today was spent at Epcot. Dave headed over early so that he could get us Fast Pass tickets to Soarin and we met him there. Everyone loved Soarin. Mom (Nana) was absolutely hilarious. She would raise her feet up to keep from hitting anything on the screen and she would go "ooohhh". I would get so tickled. After Soarin we went to Mission: SPACE. Now the last time that I rode Mission Space was 4 years ago and I had to concentrate and tell myself, "Jill, you are not going to throw up". I didn't think that I would ever ride that ride again. But now they have 2 versions of Mission Space - the original one which is the Orange Team and a milder version which is the Green Team. Dave and Hannah rode with the Orange Team, while Nana, Kerry, Hannah, Allie, Grace and I rode with the Green Team. It was fun and it was all the going to outer space that I needed. The girls loved it so much that we had to do it again.

After Mission Space we went to test some driving conditions and cars over at Test Track. Everyone loved this ride as well. At this point, everyone was ready for lunch so we went to the World Showcase to grab a bite to eat then we met everyone at The Seas with Nemo & Friends Pavilion and rode The Seas with Nemo & Friends and did Turtle Talk with Crush. Of course we didn't get out of the shop without buying a couple of goodies.

Nana, Paw and Zachary were getting tired at this point so they decided to go back to the resort and rest for a little while and cook dinner for that night. Dave was going to go back also but he decided to go over to The American Adventure Pavilion to see The American Adventure that he had been wanting to see for awhile now. Kerry, Hannah, Allie, Grace and I stayed and walked around the different countries and looked in some of the shops. We enjoyed a cappuccino and baklava in Morocco and the girls had their picture taken with Jasmine and Genie. We also had our pictures made with Winnie the Pooh, Tiger and Eeyore in Great Britain.

Grace had told Allie about making paper at Innovations and Allie wanted to do that so we did. The cast member that was working the station was young and a big cut up. It took forever to make the paper because he kept stopping to make jokes and take pictures and just be a big goofball but the girls thought he was funny.

Allie really wanted to ride Test Track one more time before we left but it was a 90 minute wait and we had to get back for dinner. Mom and Dad had prepared a great meal which was a nice note to end the trip on as they were all leaving the next morning.

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