Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Epcot is probably mine and Dave's favorite park at Disney World. We love the rides like Soarin and Test Track and walking around all the different countries in World Showcase is so much fun.

When we first got to Epcot, Dave went immediately and got us Fast Pass Tickets to Soarin. If you don't do that first thing, you won't get to ride unless you wait in the hour or so long line that it usually has. While we were waiting to go on Soarin, we went and rode Test Track. This is one of Grace and Zachary's favorite rides. They absolutely love it! We spent some time at Innoventions: The Road to Tomorrow, where we learned about recycling, making paper, storms, fire safety and more all while having fun!

About to take off on Test Track!

When we went to ride Soarin, the cast member at the line noticed Grace's birthday button. He called her over and told her that someone was on the phone and wanted to speak with her. She went and got on the phone and it was Goofy calling to wish her a Happy Birthday! That is just one of the things that we love about Disney - all the little things they do to make you feel special!

Grace on the phone with Goofy!

Once we had done everything that we wanted to do in Future World, we walked over to the World Showcase. During the Christmas holidays, they have all kinds of special events going on. One of those it that they have "Father Christmas" from each country telling the traditions of Christmas from that country. When we first walked in to Canada we came upon Canada's Santa. Dave and I love looking in the shops in all the different countries. Before we could do into Great Britain though, Zachary just had to go get into the old red telephone booth. He got as excited about that almost as much as anything else. It took forever to get him out and away from it.

Neither Grace and Zachary were very into getting their pictures made with the characters this trip but they both wanted to see Mary Poppins. Santa and Mrs. Claus were in America and Zachary thought he should go and see them and tell Santa what he wanted for Christmas. We tried to get him to ask him whether or not he was on the naughty or nice list because he had been misbehaving so badly for us but he said that he forgot to ask.

We left Epcot to go back to Old Key West for dinner. We thought that Mom, Dad, Kerry and the girls would be getting there about that same time but they didn't get in until a little later. We met them at the Check-in and of course Grace and Zachary ran around wild because they were so excited to see their cousins. Once we got everyone situated and back up to our rooms, the kids played while Kerry, Dave and I just sat around and talked. Zachary got hungry and he got some goldfish. The next thing we knew he had fallen sound asleep laying on the living room floor by his goldfish.

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