Monday, December 1, 2008

Animal Kingdom

We spent our first day at Disney at Animal Kingdom. It was a gorgeous day! We thought it was going to be warmer than it was but it was actually pretty chilly!

We rode Kilimanjaro Safaris and then walked the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail where we trekked into the forest in search of gorillas! Along the way, we enjoyed a nature walk through a verdant African valley filled with Nile hippos, birds and fish. We saw an exotic bird aviary, an underwater hippo viewing area, a savannah overlook, and we got an intimate up-close encounter with a magnificent troop of gorillas!

Dave and I rode Expedition Everest and we begged Grace to but she was too scared. We would have her almost talked into it then she would back out again. The kids loved Dinoland U.S.A. where they got to dig for dinosaur bones in The Boneyard and go for a wild ride on DINOSAUR. Grace begged to ride the Primeval Whirl but it was a 45 minute wait. We tried to talk her out of it but Dave told me to go ahead and take her on it and he would take Zachary somewhere because he wasn't tall enough to ride. Zachary ended up crashing on a bench and taking a nice long nap. This was the first time that we had not rented a stroller and all that walking really did him in. He was sound asleep when Grace and I got back from riding Primeval Whirl and he slept all through dinner. He woke up right as we were finishing.

We had dinner at the Yak & Yeti Restaurant. It was our first time to eat there and it was very good. We were able to watch the parade right from our table.

After dinner, we headed out of the park and back to the resort to call it an early night.

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