Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Our New Trampoline

Grace and Zachary got a trampoline from their Papa, Lola, Mimi and Aunt Carol for Christmas. They were so excited! Dave got it all put together with the safety net and everything on New Years Eve and they jumped all afternoon long.

Thanks Papa, Lola, Mimi and Aunt Carol!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Dave's New Toy

Dave has been wanting a new camera for awhile and he decided to go ahead and get a Nikon D90. These are pictures that he took just playing around with the camera and learning how to use it. Our kids are so goofy!

Zachary's Doctors Appointment

I took Zachary to the doctor today to have his ears checked. He had a double ear infection back in October and again at the first of December and I just wanted to make sure they had cleared up. Plus, ever since the ear infection in December, I don't think he has been hearing as well as he should be.

So we went to Jacksonville Children's Clinic and the doctor didn't say his ears were infected but he does have a lot of fluid in both ears. He said that all the fluid could be preventing his ear drum from moving the way that it should be therefore affecting his hearing. He also said that he was very congested and even heard some wheezing. He mentioned the possibility of tubes and is referring Zachary to an ENT for further evaluation.

Zachary is also being referred for a speech evaluation. He has trouble enunciating certain letters and sounds and Miss Val, his preschool teacher, talked to me about it right before the Christmas holidays. She wrote a letter, which I took to his pediatrician, requesting that he be evaluated. We knew he had trouble saying words that begin with "tr", "j" and a few others. They think it will be easily corrected and could possibly even be related to the hearing problem.

I am just waiting now to hear from the referrals and get the appointments scheduled.

Friday, December 26, 2008

The Festival of Lights at Mike's Farm

Going to Mike's Farm to see the Festival of Lights is a local tradition for many families here in Jacksonville. We went last year when Mimi visited and she enjoyed it so much that she wanted to go again this year. And this was Dave's first to see the Christmas lights even though he had been to Mike's Farm before.

We were going to eat dinner at the restaurant there also and we knew from last year that it gets very crowded so we decided to try to get there as soon as the restaurant opened at 4:30. We actually got there at about 4:50 and the line to just get your name on the list for the restaurant was all they way out to the little bridge (for those of you who have been and are familiar with the area). The hayride for the lights didn't start until 6:00 but there was already a line for that as well.
Dave showing his displeasure at having to wait in the long lines

We ran into a friend of mine, Kristie Battavio and her family, and she told me that they got their name on the list right at 4:30 and it was already a 1 1/2 wait. So while Dave and Mimi stayed in line for the restaurant, I went and got in line with Kristie to get tickets for the hayride. We had a 2 hour wait for dinner so we did the hayride and lights first and it was awesome. Even Dave, who didn't really want to wait, thought it was very well done. The last attraction in the light show was a huge American flag and a Marine kneeling next to the grave of a fallen warrior. The hayride came to a stop and the song "Proud to be an American" was played. It was the perfect ending to the show.After the hayride, we checked to see how much longer of a wait it would be before we were seated to eat. We were told at least an hour, so we went inside to the little store and bakery to get a snack. Zachary picked a huge peanut butter cookie, I got a cream cheese puff which was yummy, and Grace and Dave got peanut butter fudge which we all sampled and it was delicious! And of course we had hot apple cider (Mimi and me) and the kids had hot chocolate. We were just finishing up the snacks when they called our name. It was most definitely not an hour. We were taken back through the winding restaurant to our own little room where we were seated and served sweet iced tea, ham and biscuits, fried chicken, pork cutlets, macaroni and cheese, fresh corn, green beans, mashed potatoes and gravy and the richest, moistest brownie for dessert. Delicious!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day

The day was spent undoing twist ties and taking toys out of packages, installing batteries and reading directions. The kids had a great time all day long playing with their new toys. Zachary got a Rhino the Rampage game from our friends, Lisa and Tommy, and it was a hit. While I prepared Christmas dinner, Dave, Mimi, Zach and Grace played the Rhino game. We had a delicious meal even if I did have a little help from Cracker Barrel but I did actually make the sweet potato souffle, green bean roll-ups and strawberry pretzel salad. It was all yummy! After dinner, we watched WALL-E then off to bed.

The doors to the fireplace were left open.....must have been Santa!

Here Comes Santa Claus Here Comes Santa Claus

We held the kids off for as long as we could until they just couldn't wait any longer to get down those stairs to see what Santa had brought them. The first thing Grace saw was her dollhouse. She screamed and said "I got a dollhouse and it's huge!". She loved it!

They tore right into their stockings and their presents. Zachary was still a little unsure about it all and just kept looking for his monorail that he had asked Santa for. He finally found it and was very excited. He also loved his "big huge monster truck" and his volcano mountain set that he had asked for. Grace got lots of Hannah Montana dolls and furniture for her house. Once they had unwrapped and discovered everything that Santa brought, we took a quick break for me to get breakfast in the oven and a pot of coffee brewing then it was back to opening more gifts.