Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What a Day

Last night Zachary got something in his eye. We flushed it with water and never saw anything but he screamed bloody murder. He eventually fell asleep and I was hoping that he would wake up this morning and be fine. But that didn't happen. He still said it hurt and refused to open his eye. I took him to the doctor and he first thought it was pink eye but when he looked at his eye through a special light, he did see something on his cornea. He referred us to an optometrist and we got an appointment there at 1:00 this afternoon. They did not find anything in his eye, but his cornea is scratched. They gave us two different kinds of eye drops and said that corneas heal quickly and he should start feeling better tomorrow. He has kept both eyes closed all day and slept most if the afternoon. I feel so bad for him.


Name: The Bryant Family said...

poor little guy - I know that hurts like crazy!

canscrap4u2 said...

I can sympathize with is extremely paintful to scratch your cornea...I did it about 4 Chrismtas' ago...I poked myself in the eye squeezing blackheads...long story but my elbow slipped off the faucet on the sink, and well, I had a patch on my eye that Christmas and narcotics...:-0