Monday, November 24, 2008


My friend, Lara, and I went to see Twilight yesterday. I didn't feel the need to fight the crowd of teenage girls on Friday night but was definitely looking forward to seeing it. We were not disappointed. I think I went in to it expecting to be disappointed so I was pleasantly surprised that it was as good as it was. When I first heard who had been cast as Edward, I did not think that it was a good fit at all but Robert Pattinson actually did a really good job and he grew on me as Edward.

This is definitely a movie that I would like to have and now I have to get my own set of the books. I've been borrowing Lara's to read but this series is kind of like Harry Potter in that you want your own set of the books to keep.

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Ellis Family said...

I'm with ya Jill! Of course the book is wayyyyyyyyy better, but I liked the movie and Edward's character grew on me. Have you read The Host yet? Also good! :)