Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ready for a New Day

Dave's Dad gave us a scare tonight. Don is here visiting this week and right before dinner, he said that he wasn't feeling well. He had shortness of breath and just didn't feel right and thought he needed to get checked out. Dave took him to the Onslow County Emergency Room where they admitted him for tests. They were very thorough and and ran all kinds of tests, x-rays, EKGs and blood work. Dave and I were text messaging back and forth and he was keeping me updated on what was going on. Dave sent me this picture.

Then a little after 10 pm, Sharon called. She had tried to reach Don on his cell phone and was not able to. Her mother, Birdie, passed away tonight. Sharon and Rebecca had just seen her this morning and they knew she wasn't doing well. Birdie got to see all three of her children this week and I think that after she saw Sharon and Rebecca, she decided it was time to let go. She had a warm, loving heart and a generous soul. She had the rare and unique ability to wrap her love around everyone she met. She will be greatly missed but there is some consolation knowing that she lived a very full and good life.

Dave and Don arrived back home around 11:30 pm. Fortunately, everything seemed okay with Don except that he has high blood pressure.

This has been a long, tiring, stressful and sad day.

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