Sunday, November 30, 2008

On Our Way to Disney

Well, we finally got on the road heading for Disney World. We were aiming to leave at 5:00 this morning which I thought would be more like 7:00. But in fact we didn't pull out of the driveway until about 8:15. We just couldn't break the Williams' mold of leaving home much later than planned.

Posted by ShoZu


Wendi said...

I cannot believe you are blogging from your're CRAZY!! Hope you guys have a great time and hope Grace has a wonderful birthday!

Ella said...

You are such a dag, Jill!

Name: The Bryant Family said...

It's so hard to leave on time! Are you guys just letting the kids miss school? I'm wondering how that might work for a future trip with my 1st grade niece. Let me know how the crowds are!